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New Product TS 55 Instagram Post V2

Built Better to Build Better.

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The best track saw just got better.

There's a reason the original track saw stood out with its precision cuts, durability, and power. That reliability remains with the new Festool TS 55 FEQ-F track saw - but with one key difference. The Festool TS 55 now cuts at up to twice the speed of the previous generation. Increased torque paired with a new generation of cutting blades guarantees the perfect cutting quality with maximum cutting performance.

exceptional torque

Exceptional Torque

The concentrated torque of the Festool TS 55 track saw enables work progress at up to twice the speed with an increased saw blade service life.

bevel cut

Exact cuts, even at a bevel

The TS 55 is built for precise work. The splinter-guard remains unchanged even when the saw bevels from 90 to 40 degrees.

riving knife

Improve safety, easy handling

The spring-loaded riving knife runs behind the blade to prevent it from binding and makes it easier to insert the blade in existing joints.

Upgraded power and versatility

The all-new QUADRIVE TPC 18/4 cordless hammer drill from Festool has four gears for any application you encounter with the best gear change you have ever operated. A large number of attachments and accessories backed by the EC-TEC brushless motor, make the QUADRIVE TPC an unrivaled hammer drill for a wide range of possible uses.

quadrive 4 gear

Optimized gear changing

1st gear: Demanding tightening
of screws up to 3/8“ (10 mm).
2nd gear: Quick driving up to
5/16” x 11-13/32”
(8 x 300 mm) in size.
3rd gear: Powerful drilling with
auger bits of up to 3/4“ (20 mm).
4th gear: Fast drilling with small
and medium-sized drill bits for
pilot holes.


Brushless EC-TEC motor

The brushless EC-TEC motor is wear-free and converts the energy from the battery into optimum power with virtually no losses. Microprocessors monitor and control the temperature, voltage and current consumption of the motor, electronics and battery. The latest generation of EC-TEC motors provides more torque and speed under load.


Improved safety and control

The electronic kickback stop helps to prevent  excess twisting if the drill suddenly becomes caught or jammed, ensuring improved control when working. Thanks to its ergonimcs and short design, the Festool TPC fits perfectly in your hand for ultimate control of its power.

accessories tpc

Wide range of possible uses

The smart FastFix interface allows the attachments to be changed quickly and without the need for any tools – for flexible drilling, driving, angular drilling
and angular driving. The depth stop and eccentric adapter also enable depth-limited screwdriving and driving close to edges.

Introducing the new OF 1010 Router

Extremely versatile and precise. Extremely easy to handle. Whether used on the guide rail or off, the new OF 1010 R router from Festool is the ideal tool for fine routing work. With its compact size and low weight, it can be accurately guided along edges, lines, or curves. Profiles, grooves, rabbets, and dovetail joints - the OF 1010 R impresses with a variety of applications.

OF 1010

Double column clamping

The OF 1010 R is clamped to both guide columns at the same time. This means that the router is secured in place with absolute
torsional rigidity. This ensures perfect routing results and timeconsuming rework is a thing of the past.


Fine adjustment

The OF 1010 R has a precise
depth adjustment. It takes just a
few seconds and minimal effort
to finely adjust the routing depth
accurately to 1/256" (0.1 mm)
using the dial.

dust collection

Clean work

The unique chip deflector enables optimal dust extraction, and guarantees excellent suction  power when routing edges in  combination with the dust extraction attachment and a  Festool extractor.

unobstructed view

Unobstructed views

The visible work area of the
OF 1010 R offers an unobstructed view of the router bit. This enables users to achieve cutting results with absolute precision.

The Sound of Systainer

TOPROCK provides an amazingly clear, full-bodied sound. Four active speakers and two bass reflex systems produce 20 watts of convincing stereo quality sound output - and can even function as a stereo system if two TOPROCK Systainers are paired together.

Cool sound up top Tool storage underneath
tool storage

Music on Top. Tools Underneath.

Whether in the workshop or on the construction site, you can always enjoy the sound of TOPROCK. You can listen to your favorite track on your smartphone via the  Bluetooth® interface with outstanding quality wherever you

4 speakers

Full stereo in a Systainer

TOPROCK is equipped with Bluetooth® 5 with TWS (true wireless stereo). When two TOPROCK speakers are connected, these act as the righthand and the left-hand speaker, allowing for a stereo sound which fills the room.


Powerbank function

External devices, such as
smartphones are easy to charge
via the integrated USB interface.  The illuminated buttons are
discreetly integrated into the
Systainer lid and are intuitive to
operate: On and off, volume up
and down, connect to Bluetooth®.

Plus So Much More

There's even more to Festool's Spring 2022 new tool launch than we could fit here!